ETS Events 2017-2018

We need to have a large parental presence to make our events run smoothly. Parents do not need to come to every event, but we ask that you attend at least half as many events as your student attends. Younger family members are certainly welcome on classdays and at events when accompanied by a parent.  All events are at the Hinrichs' residence unless stated otherwise.

Potluck and Barbeque Instructions

Please bring your own drinks, plates and utensils. Please bring a main course and if your last initial begins with A-L please bring a salad or side dish and if M-Z, a dessert. Please bring an amount proportionate to the number of mouths you bring with you. The barbeque will be available if you would like to cook meat or vegetables. If you are not able to bring food, please bring $4 per person for the pizza fund. Please give the money to Mr. Hinrichs as soon as you can the day of the event so he knows how much to order.  If you will be attending an event, please make sure that you can stay till the end once you arrive.  Grandparents are always welcome!!!

September 8th- Friday
Ice Cream Social and full Moon dance (Choir cancelled)
12:00 Ice Cream Social
Please stay after class to get to know your classmates around some good ice cream!
1:30 Movie-  TBA
3:30 Sports
5:30 Potluck
6:30 Dancing
9:30 End

October 6th-  Friday

ETS will be hosting an Oktoberfest event celebrating German culture! We would like to serve authentic German food at this event. Mr. H will be providing a variety of Bratwurst.  Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email which you will receive prior to the event. If you have issues with the page, you can email me at with what you would like to bring.   This event is $2 per person attending.  
It would be helpful if any families planning on attending email Mrs. Hinrichs what dishes they wish to bring. Please see below for the whole schedule

12:45 Choir: Non-choir members are all welcome as we will be learning some traditional German folks songs to sing at the Oktoberfest.
1:30 Dance Practice: We will be learning a number of traditional German dances.
2:00 German Film: TBA
5:00 Sports- Croquet, badminton, bocce, basketball, volleyball, etc
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Dancing and singing
9:30 Conclusion

PS- This is rumored to be the best beerless Oktoberfest in the area!

December 8th - Friday
Caroling party

December 22nd- Friday
Christmas Ball
For details, please see

January ???
First semester paper presentations

February ???- Thursdsay
4:00-4:45 Choir Showcase
Location: Mission San Luis Rey MAP

3:00 Meet at ETS to warm up
3:30 Depart for mission from ETS
4:00 Arrival
4:15-4:45 Performance

March 8th - March 18th
Italy Trip
- Please email for more details.

April 27th- Friday - Open to prospective students
Shakespearean Full-Moon Dance

12:00 Lunch
1:30 Singing practice
2:30 Movie- TBA
4:30 Sports - Bocce, Basketball, Croquet, ping-pong, Chess, Etc...
6:00 Dinner (Potluck)
7:00 Dancing / Singing
9:30 End

Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email you will receive.

Please feel free to dress in Elizabethan costume or as characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Looking forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hinrichs -

May 25th-
Greek (Mediterranean) Dance
Be ready to cook some Greek food and learn some Greek dances. Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email you will receive.

12:00-2:00 Lunch- No Choir
2:00 Movie- TBA
4:00 Sports- Volley ball, Croquet Etc.
6:00 Potluck - Please email for recipes.
7:00 Dancing
9:30 End

May 31st- Thursday
Ice Cream Social
12:00-1:00 Please stay after class to say goodbye to your classmates around some good ice cream! 

June 1st- Friday
Ice Cream Social
12:00-1:00 Please stay after class to say goodbye to your classmates around some good ice cream!  Choir will meet from 1:00 to 3:00.

??? - TBA
Spring fling-