Summer Fling 2012

June 20th - 23rd, (official portion)
June 18th-23rd - (other events, please see below)

Hinrichs' Property
2634 Bernardo Ave.
Escondido, CA, 92029

For directions, see

This page is under construction, so please check back later for more updates.

This year’s Fling will be a wonderful four days of academic and spirited fellowship.  

Students are encouraged to come with their families.  If you have a local family who will sponsor you, you may come without your family; however, host families are respectfully requested not to host more than four students.  If you would like to be hosted or to host a family, please contact

There is a charge of $125 per family to participate in these four days if a parent will be in attendance for at least half the event and you are willing to take on one of the fling jobs (see below).  Students who come without a parent are $150 each.  They are also expected to take a fling job.  When sending in payment, please remember your payment for the potluck buyout option if you will be using that.  Please have your payment in along with a list of those attending by June 1st.   We will not allow registrations at the Fling.   Please send to ETS at the address above.  Please do not combine payment for other events or tutorials. To register, please use the registration form before June 1st.

Students who come must attend all events.  Some events outside the official portion of the fling are optional and are marked as such on the schedule.  Please do not sign up for the fling if you are not able to set aside the time to be with us for all events.  The only exceptions to the attendance policy are funerals, weddings and your own graduation ceremony All current students of ETS and their families are welcome to come.  

A note about younger siblings:  All younger siblings planning to attend the Fling for any portion of time MUST be in attendance on Wednesday when the boundaries and rules are explained.  If you need to have your children on the property, they may either sit with you and read a book or be part of the organized children's activities.  All parents who are bring younger children will be helping with the children's activities.  If your child plans to dance or sit quietly throughout the play, he or she will be a welcome addition, otherwise, please have them at the organized children's events.     

Choral singing is a large part of the fling.  We will all be singing together - particularly those who have never sung harmony before and don't think they can do it!  In order to create the most harmony possible while we gather, please practice our songs before you come.  You will first need to install the free finale notepad 2012 on your computer.  You can find details on where to find this and the finale files for all the songs we will be singing at  Below is a list of the songs we will work on.  The more you work beforehand, the more fun we will be able to have when we gather.

Angels We Have Heard On High
Fairest Lord Jesus
Dona Nobis Pacem - Palestrina
Choral 55 Saint Matthew Passion - Bach

Choral 72 Saint Matthew Passion - Bach
Dies Irae - Mozart
Gloria - Vivaldi
Hallelujah Chorus - Handel
Sicut Cervus - Palestrina
Jubilate Deo - Orlando di Lasso

If you would like to see pictures of our past Flings, please see the ETS yearbook.

Please acquaint yourself with the
ETS dress code before coming.  It will be enforced, so please err on the side of modesty as you plan your wardrobe.  We will have t-shirts to hand out to those who come inappropriately attired.  Please carefully read over with your children the fling rules and study the fling handout so that you can get through the potluck line quickly.

We will need to meet in front of the hall for larger events and sun cover would be very helpful.  If you have a beach umbrella that you could bring, that would be very helpful.  You can place an umbrella in a 5 gallon bucket filled with rocks to hold it up.

To register, please use the registration form before June 1st.

See you in Escondido!

Mr. and Mrs. Hinrichs


Fling Chronicler:  Rachelle King

Fling Photographer: Anne and Tim Wesolek

All students and their families are welcome to attend any portion of the Tuesday presentations that they like.  However, if you come, you must be watching the lectures.

Paper Presentations

2:00 - Kanan De Los Santos - Truth and Reconciliation: A Brief Inquiry Into the Nature of Sin, Forgiveness and Repentance
3:00 - Ryan Farrington -
Foreknowledge and Foreordination
4:00 - Kathleen Dowling - Punishment and Discipline

  • Tuesday June 19th  ** Optional **

   All students and their families are welcome to attend any portion of the Tuesday presentations that they like.  However, if you come, you must be watching the lectures.

Paper Presentations

8:00 - John Elhardt - Eve's Wisdom
9:00 - Annabel Carroll - Gender Roles
10:00 -  Addison Hinrichs -
Reductio ad Absurdum
11:00 -  Ryan McDonald -
Reexamining Greatness
12:00 Lunch

1:00 - Rosalie Blacklock -
The Transcendence of Good and Evil
2:00 - Wesley Near - The Means to Believe
3:00 - Jenny Rulison -
Confident in Christ
4:00 - Nickolas Bruetsch - A Case for History: Why Studying History is Important

           5:30 Great Books Five Dinner

This dinner is only for the GBT V students. Attire is semi-formal.  Please bring one quote to read from your GBT reading that you thought particularly memorable.  Also, please bring one item to hold during our group picture that represents your particular interests outside of GBT.


       Wednesday - June 20th

Fling flying lessons with Mr. H.  Students who are able to show proficiency in flying on the simulator will have opportunity to fly with Mr. H using the buddy box.  Times- TBA.

8:30 Arrival time

9:00 - 11:00 Fling introduction

Paper Presentations

11:00 - 12:00 -  Jessie Schnoebelen - When There Is No Answer

            For GBT V papers, please click for Monday and Tuesday  or Wednesday through Saturday.  Please print out a copy to follow along during lectures.

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch- Potluck, Sports and Play Practice

Potluck- Please bring your own drinks, plates and utensils.  Please bring a main course and if your last initial begins with A-L please bring a salad or side dish and if M-Z, a dessert.  Please bring an amount proportionate to the number of mouths you bring with you.  All potlucks follow these same instructions.  Please note that the the BBQ will be available.

Sports- Please be sure to wear shoes that will be suited to some physical activity.  We will have volleyball, croquet, basketball, bocce, badminton and garden chess.

Play practice- If you sign up for Mrs. Helland's play, please be ready to spend time at lunch practicing for the performance.

Potluck buyout option. If you would not like to bring food for the potluck, simply include $20 for each of your family members coming to the fling and we will purchase hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, pizza, fruit, and green salad with the money.

Baking Contest- Here is an ETS opportunity for those with a culinary bent.  On Wednesday, after the potluck, esteemed judges will taste whatever is entered into the contest and will select the winning entry. 

  If you would like to enter, please bring your entry on Wednesday (which should be a dessert) into the Hinrichs’ kitchen when you arrive in the morning.  Label it clearly as an entry for the contest, so that it does not end up on the general potluck table accidentally.  Make sure to talk to  Mrs. Hinrichs and she will assign you a number for your dessert.  Absolute secrecy is vital!  No one should know what you have made until everything has been judged.   Do not put your name on this label and do not attempt to bribe the judges to choose your entry. Any attempts to sabotage competitors’ desserts will result in an afternoon or morning in the ETS stocks.  (Whoops—we don’t have any.  Don’t worry—we’ll think of an appropriate punishment.)

  If you would like to judge, please contact Mrs. Hinrichs at:


2:00 - 3:00 Singing Practice

3:00 - 5:00 Informal Debate

We will be having an introduction to debate and then holding our own group debate.  This year's topic will be: RESOLVED: "Creon's actions regarding the body of Polynices were wholly unjust and indicative of the tyrannical abuse of his office."  GBT 1 students will be presenting arguments- it would be wise to come with an outline of what you consider to be the best arguments and to write up the best arguments you made in your paper on 3x5 cards so that they can be quickly assembled into an opening speech. GBT III students will be acting as team coordinators and debate coaches.  GBT V students will play the part of jury and judge in our final debate. 

7:00- Dance Practice - you may dress semi-formally, if you wish, as long as your attire is in accordance with the dress code.


  Thursday - June 21st

Paper Presentations
Knowing our Place

8:30 Arrival Time

9:00 -  Christina Lambert -
Greatness in the Looking Glass
10:00 - Ashley Carr - The Paradox of Lordship and Bondage
11:00 - Chloe' Richardson -
The Beautiful Soul

12:00 - 2:00 Lunch- Potluck, Sports and Play Practice

Alumni Afternoon -
Alumni, please come and help us plan an ETS alumni gathering this Summer.

2:00 - 2:30 Reports from ETS Alumni on Various Colleges

2:30 - 3:00 Singing Practice

3:00 - 3:30  Contemplation of Gratitude

3:30 - 5:00 Septathalon - Please make sure to wear sport shoes!

7:00-10:00 Movie and Discussion -  Life is Beautiful 

  Friday - June 22nd

Paper Presentations
Knowing God

8:30 Arrival Time

9:00 - Alyssa Carr -
The Altar
10:00 - Cassie Atkinson -
Placing Christ Back on the Throne
11:00 - Anne Wesolek -
The Extremity of Good  

12:00 - 2:30 Lunch- Potluck, Sports and Play Practice

2:00- 6:00 Free Afternoon-

Good time to get ready for the ball and practice for Saturday 

4:00 - 6:00  Portrait Time

Each family and each student will receive a free portrait.

7:00 – 10:00 Ball – 

Dress code- Formal/Semi formal. *** Please see the ETS dress code  before you purchase your clothing for the ball, so as to avoid the  need to return a gown or modify it in order to fit the guidelines.

If you would like to be part of our fling bluegrass band for the country dancing, please purchase Mandolin Primer.

Please bring your favorite dessert or snack.


  Saturday - June 23rd

Paper Presentations
Knowing our Journey


8:30 Arrival Time

9:00 - Allison Hurd - Life and Death
10:00 - Teal Speece -
The Divine Drama
11:00 - Abigail Johnson - The Journey

12:00 - 2:30 Lunch- Potluck, Sports and Play Practice

1:30 Choir practice
2:30 Recital and Choir Performance

        This is an opportunity to share your musical or theatrical abilities.  You may also perform a poetry recitation.  Please contact Recital Coordinator, Ashley Carr -   Please make sure you include title, composer, time length. Submissions must be in by June 16th.  Only live accompanists are allowed during the recital- no canned music please.

7:00 - ETS Theater

Please come to the fling with your lines memorized. We will rehearse during some of the free time, and perform Saturday night. Please contact Mrs. Helland right away if you are interested in having a part.  Non-drama students are quite welcome to be part of the playy if they are willing to be dramatic!




        Lodging - Hotels

Comfort Inn

Motel Mediteran:  This is the closest (and also appears to be the cheapest in our area) motel to the Hinrichs' property.  ETS families who have stayed there have said that it isn't fancy, but very clean.

Off-site camping


If you need a bite to eat, we recommend Belen's Artisan Bakery for sandwiches at 2250 S. Escondido Blvd, Suite 112.  It is almost just a "ten minute walk" from ETS.  They close at 6:00pm.   There is a great casual Mexican restaurant called Pacific Taco next to Major Market.  Pick Up Stix is there, as well.  For those who need to eat gluten-free, there is La Farfalla Cafe on Orange Street in Escondido, about a 10 minute drive away.  They are open for lunch every week day, but dinner only on Friday nights: 


Fling Checklist

There are many details to remember the week of the Fling.  Hopefully, this checklist will help simplify what to bring.


1. Your contribution to the daily potluck.  We have an oven, lots of plugs for crockpots, and a refrigerator available for use.    ***Please note: We do not have a microwave, so plan accordingly. You may also choose to do the potluck buyout option.  Please see the Fling webpage for more information. 

2. Dishes to use during lunch and/or dinner potluck for four days.  (Plates, forks, napkins)

3. Non-disposable water bottles (Please do not bring disposable cups or water bottles.  People are wonderful about cleaning up after themselves, but somehow, we continue to find disposable plastic and paper cups (and disposable water bottles) in unusual places around the property after most events.)

4. Sunscreen and hats. (It was in the high 90's and as high as 113 degrees one year)

5. Jackets, sweatshirts, and/or blankets in case it is cold.  (It was in the low 60's and drizzly another year)

6.  Lawn chairs identified with your family name.  We have a number of folding chairs, but not enough to accommodate the amount of people on the property.  Many lawnchairs are left after each Fling, so it is nice to know who they belong to so we can get them back to you.

7. Please remember to bring copies of all texts that we will be using for reader's theaters. 



   Fling Jobs - Please check back for more details on these positions.  Any family signing up for family registration must volunteer for a position.  It is helpful if you can signup for a position that you have already done.

Job Duties Duration Family
Barbeque Tend the BBQ during lunchtime 4 days Collins
Bathroom cleaner Clean the bathroom after lunch and dinner time and as needed. 1 day Main- Wed D. Johnson, Thurs Lambert, Fri Speece, Sat Carlson,
Basement- Wed Campbell, Thurs Raj, Fri Ong, Sat Curry,
Hall Sweep Sweep the Hall and surrounding patios at dinner time 4 days Dowling, De Los Santos, Dugmore
Ice Getter Keep the ice cooler full of ice each day.  Cooler is in the garage. 4 days Santo
Water Fillers Keep the water jugs full each day.  Keep your receipts for reimbursement.  Water store is near VONS. 4 days Charonnat
Trashman Keep the trashcans emptied and lined with fresh bags.  Make sure bathroom trashcans are empty. 4 days Pruitt, Farrington, Elhardt
Afternoon cleaner Walk the property each afternoon to pickup trash 4 days Brook P, Hurd, Insko, Corse
Parent Patrol  Parent patrol to periodically walk the property during activities.
    Please make students are attending all scheduled activities.
    Please make sure rules are being obeyed on the property.
4 days  D. Schnoebelen(organizer); Atkinson, Clem, McDonald, O'Brien, * Madanat, Lombardi, Limon, Cardiel, Byrd, Wood
Kitchen Organizer Make sure the potluck runs smoothly 4 days Kuznitz
Kitchen cleaner Clean the house kitchen each day after lunch 4 days Perez, Mullin, Botello
Prefling clean Clean the hall and property- June 18th, 9-noonish 1 Morning Iverson, Carroll, Cochrane, E. Johnson, Rulison
Postfling clean Clean the hall and property- June 25th, 9-noonish 1 Morning Criss, Kirk, Carroll
Snack person Help Mrs. H with extra snacks that are served. As needed Martin, Bruetsch, Carr
Cup washer Gather and clean the plastic cups each morning 4 days King, Kaiser
Bagelman Get Bagels from the bagel shop each day at 3:45.  Signature Bagel and Deli - 332 W. Valley Parkway. 4 days Bare
Breadman Pickup day old bread from Belen Artisan bakery each morning and put out for early arrivals at 8:30.  2250 S. Escondido Blvd. Suite 112 4 Days Ortega
Parking Attendant Please help people unload their cars in the circle so that they can quickly move their cars along and let the next person unload.  Please arrive at 8:20 4 Days Voytek, Staley, Brandon P
SaladMaker Make salad for potluck each day - Materials provided 4 Days Abrams
Breakfast tabler Set up Bagels and Bread each morning 4 Days Willer, Pfaff
Captain Fun Organize kids activities 4 Days Fitzpatrick
Fun Assistants Help children's activities 1 Section All families with
little ones in attendance.
Costco runner Trip to costco on Wednesday and Friday morning to purchase buyout foods. 2 Days Collins



Captain Kid Schedule
Wednesday 10:00-12:00 Abrams Bare Speece
  2:00-5:00 Botello Byrd Themm
  7:00-10:00 Carlson Cochrane Willer
Thursday 9:00-12:00 DeLosSantos Iverson Wood
  2:00-5:00 Johnson Kaiser Kirkpatrick
  7:00-10:00 Limon Martin  
Friday 9:00-12:00 McDonald Mullin  
  Free afternoon      
  7:00-10:00 Perry McDonald Ortega
Saturday 9:00-12:00 Perez Raj Kirk
  2:00-5:00 Santo Schnoebelen Pruitt
  Fling play