ETS film crew

I have been purchasing a number of items for making my youtube videos that can be used to create nicer videos for fling.  If you would like to be part of the film crew please watch the videos below to understand how to use the equipment and then the filming will be shared between a few individuals.  Please make sure the footage from each previous day is saved on my computer each morning.  Please always make sure that you are using one of the following pieces of equipment to make the footage look professional- do not ever video using your bare hands as those gives grainy video.

Canon d70
I will have most of the settings set, however, you might want to become familiar with different outfocus modes. All footage should be 1920x24 IPB.  Set the dial to Av mode and use the knob to lighten or darken the picture as desired.
If you would like to get more technical, watch this.
These videos are very helping on learning to use autofocus during videos.  Making movies with canon 70d: Part 1, Part 2

fluid head tripod
Glide cam
Balancing Using