Hinrichs’ Property Rules


We are delighted to be hosting this event for you, but we remind you that it is taking place on a piece of property that is home to three families.  The rules below have been created after numerous conversations with those who live here.  There is usually a story behind why a rule has been set in place.  Please help us to continue to create delightful events for your families by respecting the rules listed below:


General Rules


No wheeled vehicles- skateboards, scooters, rollerblades should be used on the property during events.

Please do not pick fruit from the fruit trees or walk in the vegetable gardens.  We are happy to share the fruit from the trees when they are in season, but please let us do the picking.

Please walk around the property, staying on the many pathways that have been created over the years.  When people stray from the pathways, flowerbeds are destroyed and sprinklers are damaged. 

If you need to run, please do so on the grass field at the bottom of the property.

Rock walls have been built in around the property over many years.  Please do not move any of the rocks in these walls or walk on top of them.  The rocks easily become dislodged. 

Please do not go into any of the houses on the property except to use the bathroom or get potluck food from the kitchen.  The Hall is the place for students to be this week.

Please refrain from pulling pranks such as toilet-papering or throwing water balloons.

Please bring your own non-disposable water bottles to use during the week.  Use of plastic cups or disposable water bottles results in lots of trash to pick up.  We often find water bottles or cups crammed into rock crevices months later.

Please enjoy our trees by looking at them, not by climbing them.  Stay out of the tree houses on the property.

Please enjoy climbing on the rocks and eating lunch on them during the day, (with your parents’ permission) but please do not climb the rocks or sit on them during evening events.  Please do not climb on them at any time if they are wet.

Please do not slide on the wooden floors and be careful with chairs that do not have pads on the bottom of them.  (You will easily recognize this type of chair by the horrible noise it makes when you scoot it back.)


GBT V students and play participants: Boys change in downstairs bedroom.  Girls may use the Hinrichs’ bedroom to change.


Lower field

Please stay out of Grandpa Hinrichs’ equipment yard. 



DO NOT PARK ON LOWER CUL-DE-SAC or in front of mail boxes!

Parking – You may park at the bottom of our driveway and in the Hinrichs’ Senior driveway or across the street at Bernardo School, or along Oak Lane.  Please do not park around Joe and Carrie Hinrichs’ house and do not use their driveway as a drop-off location.

Drop off in the circle in front of the Hall. Please do not leave cars on circle while you unload.  There will be boys to help you unload your car and move along quickly so the next car can unload in the circle.
Please see our parking map to see where the best places to park are.  You can see it by clicking here and would do well to send it to your iphone or android to view when you are looking for a place.   



We will an oven available in the kitchen.  You may plug crockpots in the main kitchen. You may store food in both refrigerators.  Please clearly label your food so that we can return dishes to you.  Every year, many dishes are left behind and unclaimed.

If you need ice, there is an ice chest available. 

Please feel free to bring your favorite savory snacks to evening events, such as hummus and vegetables, salsa and chips, cheese and crackers or fresh fruit, but do not bring sugary snacks during evening events.  We find that the sugar is not good for the general behavior of the small children and it is difficult to monitor.  Also, we would like to help the students to stay healthy during this week.

You are welcome to have dinner on site in the evenings.  There is a barbeque available.



We would like for girls and parents to use the bathroom in the main house, boys to use the Porta-potty behind the house.  Girls may primp in the mirror outside.  Please do not primp in the bathroom, as there is often a line waiting outside.  Please leave bathroom cleaner than it was when you got there.  There are cleaning wipes in each bathroom.  If you a roll of toilet paper runs out, please refill the toilet paper holder.

Hold down flush on toilet till water is done flushing.  Please alert _______________________ if the toilet is not flushing or overflowing. 



Joe Hinrichs House

Please be respectful of the Joe Hinrichs’ family and their privacy.  You are welcome to eat lunch on their lawn, but please stay away from their windows.  Please do not go in their house. Please do not go in the orange grove.  Do not pick oranges or throw oranges.



General Responsibility

Students must be at all Fling events each day and must participate in all official Fling activities.  Younger siblings must be either sitting quietly near their parents or participating in the younger sibling activities.

ETS can be legally responsible for actions that transpire on property and we would like to continue to host events for many years to come. 

During evening events, you are to stay around the Hall and house patio area. 

Do not wander around the property.

Do not hang out on the cul-de-sac or around the cars.

You are family for this week.  Please encourage each other to follow the rules.

Use common sense and uncommon courtesy.

We are thankful for the wonderful families that are a part of ETS, but our community is still a part of the real world.  This means that there are angels and demons in our midst.  Please be aware of what is going on around you and be willing to fight for what is right.