ETS Mammoth snow trip
March 17-20, 2011

 Lodging: The Father's Heart Lodge in Crowley Lake (12 miles south of Mammoth) for boys and Kuznitz home for girls...$11.00 per person per night...

Also available:

             One 2 bdrm. condo unit  for $70.00 per night (Same facility as the Lodge)

 Meals and snacks: for late Thursday night through Sunday morning (7 meals) ... $50.00 per person. 


Thursday... eat on the road, will have evening snacks and hot drinks down in the common area  

 Friday... will provide breakfast, sack lunches and snacks to go, dinner, evening snacks and hot drinks 

Saturday...same as Friday

Sunday...Breakfast...head on the road


General agenda:

Thursday drinks & "Much Ado about Snowboarding"...just kidding

Friday...Skiing or Snowboarding... go to for lift ticket prices (June Mountain could also be a possibility...great for beginners and intermediate and costs a little less)  or there will be an "epic sledding" option (free!) at Deadman's, on 395 just south of the June Lake Junction.  

Saturday...more epic sledding (free), or outdoor ice-skating ($10.00) ...

Sat. night...full moon cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing up to Minaret Summit, (weather permitting/no cloud cover).. . day X-country rentals...about $12.00 or  Snow shoes...about $8.00
    Mr. H says... "Minaret summit offers a beautiful view over the Sierra Mountains which under the full-moon will bring you as close to experiencing the magical winter of Narnia as humanly possible and all for the cost of two Starbucks coffees!" home


No transportation is provided for this event, so if you are a parent and will be able to take students besides your own, please contact Lisa Kuznitz so arrangements can be made.  Mr. Hinrichs can take a few students.

 The Lodge is being held for us, however we need to confirm the reservations by March 10th.

 In summary...3 nights = $33.00 + $50.00 (food) = $83.00 per person (does not include lift tickets or rentals)          3 nights in Condo = $210.00 + $50.00 per person for food

RSVP to Lisa Kuznitz ( by March 3rd, 2011, to reserve a spot.



The Father's Heart Lodge is a beautiful facility designed to serve missionaries, pastors, and church groups that are looking for a getaway in the incredible Eastern Sierra. It is located in Crowley Lake at 35 Aspen Terrace.

*Horizon Air flies from Los Angeles right to the Mammoth/Yosemite Airport for about $69.00 one way.   We can pick you up.