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Our Vision

Ideas cannot be understood without being experienced. They are invisible, but we come to know and understand them through our experience of the visible world. Some might think that ideas are simply red meat that can be carved off the dead carcass of reality, yet they must be experienced as well as discussed, loved as well as learned, lived as well as argued, felt as well as understood. We often despair that beauty is an idea that we cannot grasp; however, like most big ideas, we come to accept it as we live in its presence and practice its importance.


Most ideas are not persuasive to us when we have mastered them, rather they are persuasive when they open us up to a world that we had previously not comprehended. These openings help us grasp the depth of knowledge but at the same time, they often reveal just how much more there is to know. Plato's philosophy reflects this humility. He often claimed that his ideas were true only insofar as they were a simplified expression of incomprehensible truths that must far exceed our own understanding.

The philosophic life is full of grand ideas that appear very important and yet are hard to grasp. Truly, it seeks to hunt game that is far out of the league of our popguns and matchstick cages. Yet, what greater glory is there but to pursue an impossible goal? Only a coward will find his ambitions fulfilled in hunting dairy cows. Philosophy can easily be seen as the simple conviction that the world sf full of many truths that are far beyond our comprehension and yet, utterly fascinating.

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