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Good Books for your GBT student

C.S. Lewis book set
I find these texts to be very helpful reading for students as they progress in their GBT reading.
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Good books for your pre-GBT student

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
by Ingrid and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire; Published by Delacorte Press; ISBN 0-385-01583-6 Trade, ISBN 0-385-15787-8 Paperback; I have found that children who have studied this delightful anthology are always well prepared for the first year of the Great Books Tutorial.
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C.S.Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia
Often mentioned in class!

David Macaulay - City, Cathedral, Mill, Pyramid Cathedral
Macauley's books often give a wonderful world of detail on the workings of ancient society.

Atlases of the Greek and Roman World
These two atlases give wonderful background material to the books we read in the Great Books Tutorial. They provide many useful maps and illustrations as well as gorgeous photographs of the ancient world. ISBN 0-87196-448-1 and ISBN 0-87196-652-2.
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Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece- Wallchart
This 48'X 35' chart gives you a nearly exhaustive summary of the genealogy surrounding the ancient Greek myths. UNC Press: 1-800-848-6224.

Warfare in the Classical World
An illustrated encyclopedia of weapons, warriors and warfare in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.  The book is a wonderful help in getting your son interested in the many military histories that we read in the Great Books Tutorial.

Stephen Biesty's ANCIENT WORLD
Egypt * Rome * Greece in spectacular cross-section

Adventures of Tintin
Our kids all learned to read when they loved Tintin. Best comic book around!

General background reading for parents

Realms of Gold; Leland Ryken
The Classics in Christian Perspective ISBN 0-87788-717-9

Classical Education- Towards the Revival of American Schooling; Gene Veith
Gene Veith provides a nice overview of the classical education movement, past, present and future.  He also has an extensive listing of valuable resources in the appendix.  To purchase call 1-202-483-6900 ($10.00)
An Invitation to the Classics
Christians interested in the serious study of the great books often feel they walk a lonely path. Os Guinness and the Trinity Forum have produced An Invitation to the Classics as a delightful companion and guide for those who would like wise companionship on this literary journey. In this volume, you will find commentary by Christian scholars on a generous selection of the most common classic texts. The volume also contains many beautiful prints carefully chosen to provide the reader with further helpful historical background.  An Invitation to the Classics is appropriate for the adult reader who would like a general introduction to the great books as well as for the student who needs help understanding the works on a first read.