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The best resource for classical Christian homeschooling is "The Well-Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.

An Invitation to the Classics
Christians interested in the serious study of the great books often feel they walk a lonely path. Os Guinness and the Trinity Forum have produced An Invitation to the Classics as a delightful companion and guide for those who would like wise companionship on this literary journey. In this volume, you will find commentary by Christian scholars on a generous selection of the most common classic texts. The volume also contains many beautiful prints carefully chosen to provide the reader with further helpful historical background.  An Invitation to the Classics is appropriate for the adult reader who would like a general introduction to the great books as well as for the student who needs help understanding the works on a first read.

Robbed Of Their Heritage- Crying For Today's Students

Written and published by Donald J. Drew; ('Cair Paravel', 43 Plantation Way, Whitehill, Hampshire. GU33 9HD, England UK). This fine little booklet is written by a dear man and wizened scholar. His is the best critique of the contemporary wasteland that has resulted from our rejection of classical education. What Dr. Drew provides that is lacking in most other cultural critics is the wise and experienced counsel he gives for students desiring to pursue an actively Christian thought life. To order, please send him $5.00 at the address listed.

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
by Ingrid and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire; Published by Delacorte Press; ISBN 0-385-01583-6 Trade, ISBN 0-385-15787-8 Paperback; I have found that children who have studied this delightful anthology are always well prepared for the first year of the Great Books Tutorial.
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Ancient Greece Study Package
Greenleaf Press; 1-800-311-1508; This package is really the best resource I have seen for preparing a child for the first year of the Great Books Tutorial. Much of the material is simply children's versions of the books we read.

Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece- Wallchart
This 48'X 35' chart gives you a nearly exhaustive summary of the genealogy surrounding the ancient Greek myths. UNC Press: 1-800-848-6224.

Repairing the Ruins; Doug Wilson et al
Repairing the Ruins is a collection of lectures, essays and articles on classical and Christian education from those associated with the Logos School in Moscow, Idaho. You will find a tremendous wealth of helpful guidance for those desiring a better understanding of the classical and Christian approach. Purchase

Classical Education and The Homeschool
Doug Wilson, Wesley Callihan and Douglas Jones.  Canon Press; 1-800-488-2034

The Quest for Authentic Higher Learning

The Quest for Authentic Higher Learning; Doug Wilson and Roy Atwood.  Canon Press; 1-800-488-2034

Worldly Saints, The Puritans as They Really Were; Leland Ryken
Even though this book is not on education, you really should get it just for its chapter on the Puritan pursuit of education. Ryken has provided us with many invaluable insights into these men whose zeal for God and the mind provide an admirable example. ISBN 0-310-32501-3

Realms of Gold; Leland Ryken
The Classics in Christian Perspective ISBN 0-87788-717-9

World's Greaquiz Classical Books-

This CD-ROM contains the complete text of over 3500 classical works! It contains the complete works of Aristotle, the complete works of Plato and just about every other book you ever wanted to read. All for the amazing price of just $20! To order call Tiger Direct at 1-800-888-4437.

Atlases of the Greek and Roman World
These two atlases give wonderful background material to the books we read in the Great Books Tutorial. They provide many useful maps and illustrations as well as gorgeous photographs of the ancient world. ISBN 0-87196-448-1 and ISBN 0-87196-652-2.
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The Future of Homeschooling; Michael Farris
Michael Farris understands a number of the coming trends in education very well.  Two of them are the rise of classical education and the internet as a means of teaching.  

Classical Education- Towards the Revival of American Schooling; Gene Veith
Gene Veith provides a nice overview of the classical education movement, past, present and future.  He also has an extensive listing of valuable resources in the appendix.  To purchase call 1-202-483-6900 ($10.00)

Warfare in the Classical World
An illustrated encyclopedia of weapons, warriors and warfare in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.  The book is a wonderful help in getting your son interested in the many military histories that we read in the Great Books Tutorial.