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  We need to have a large parental presence to make our events run smoothly. Parents do not need to come to every event, but we ask that you attend at least half as many events as your student attends. Younger family members are certainly welcome at events when accompanied by a parent. As we anticipate the possibility of a large group of younger siblings this year, please be aware that our property is fairly large and rambling and children need to stay in the lighted areas where official events are happening. Younger siblings who do not abide by the rules (after being reminded) will be asked to stay home at the next event.
ETS students who come to events must stay for the remainder of the event once they arrive.   All events are at the Hinrichs' residence unless stated otherwise.
Potluck and Barbeque Instructions

There is a Sign Up Genius page for each potluck.  Please sign up to bring a dish proportionate to the amount of people you are bringing.  Paper goods will be provided.  Dinner will start at 6 PM.  The barbeque will be available if you would like to cook meat or vegetables.

If you will be attending an event, please make sure that you can stay till the end once you arrive.

September 2nd- Saturday
GBT I Orientation Day
10:00 Orientation
12:00 Noon Lunch - please bring a sack lunch
5:00 Potluck and Dancing
9:00 End

September 12th- Tuesday
5-7 PM Online- Introduce your familiy gathering
Please bring as many of your family as possible to the computer to introduce them.

September 8th- Friday
Ice Cream Social (Choir cancelled)
12:00 Ice Cream Social
Please stay after class to get to know your classmates around some good ice cream!

October 6th-  Friday

ETS will be hosting an Oktoberfest event celebrating German culture! We would like to serve authentic German food at this event. Mr. H will be providing a variety of Bratwurst.  Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email which you will receive prior to the event. If you have issues with the page, you can email me at with what you would like to bring.   This event is $3 per person attending. Please pay in advance so we can order enough good German sausages.  
It would be helpful if any families planning on attending email Mrs. Hinrichs what dishes they wish to bring. Please see below for the whole schedule

2:00 Choir: Non-choir members are all welcome as we will be learning some traditional German folks songs to sing at the Oktoberfest.
2:30 Dance Practice: We will be learning some traditional German dances.
3:00 German Film: Sissi
5:30 Sports- Croquet, badminton, bocce, basketball, volleyball, etc
Also- House pretzel making competition
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Dancing and singing
9:30 Conclusion

PS- This is rumored to be the best beerless Oktoberfest in the area!

October 9th-27th - Hinrichs in Hillsdale-
All classes online.

November 17th- Friday

Gratitude Gathering
12:30 Watch Babette's Feast, the world's slowest movie
This ETS classic will get you thinking about your Montaigne reading in new ways!

2:30 Tell your story
Please come ready to tell your family story. Start with the basics- where did all your parents and grandparents come from? What were their professions and story of faith? From there.. just keep it interesting and clean! 5 to 10 minutes!

4:30 End

December 3rd - Sunday
Messiah Sing along
Bring your score and be ready to sing with a wonderful Choir. We will be working on some of the pieces together during Fall choir.
We will be going to the Festival of lights afterward.

December 8th-  Friday
Caroling party  

Choir cancelled
2:00 Christmas Movie- TBA
4:00 Hall Decoration and Patio building
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Practice singing Christmas Carrols
7:00 Caroling
8:00 Cocoa and gift exchange

Bring a $5.00 gift if you would like to participate
(please be creative, this does not have to be something someone would want under normal circumstances)

  • Because we will be transporting everyone for our caroling adventure, we ask that younger siblings not attend this event. 
  • If you are able to drive, we would love a little extra help.  We will have three cars available to fill with students.
  • If you would like to bring finger foods to share, savory or sweet, that would be great.  We will provide cocoa, cider, and eggnog.
  • Please arrange for your own dinner.
  • Feel free to dress in bright Christmas colors.
  • The White Elephant gift can be something you already own and would like to pass on, something unusual, or something people might actually want.  The fun of a White Elephant exchange is having some odd gifts to shuffle around. 

We are happy to say that the farmer who runs our local farm stand is looking forward to our caroling at her Christmas tree lot.
We are delighted to kick off the season of anticipating Christ’s birth with you.

Christmas Ball- December 22nd
Local class cancelled - please come to online class.

For details, please click here.

January TBA
GBT V paper presentations.

Feb Tuesday (ONLINE)


January (ONLINE)
5:00 R

January Friday (LOCAL)


January Saturday (LOCAL and ONLINE)


February 20th- Tuesday
PM - ETS tutorials informational meeting

Escondido Tutorial Service offers online homeschoolers classes in Great Books, Geometry, Shakespeare, History of Math and Science and Classical Greek.  If you would like to hear more about these classes and ask questions, please come to our online classroom..  Go to, click on the online classroom.  If you have questions, please email

Fritz Hinrichs has been teaching the Great Books for over 25 years and is a graduate of St. John's College and Westminster Seminary.  He has worked both locally and online with over 1100 Great Books students.  He and his wife of 20 years, Christy, have five children.  For more information, please go to

March 7th to March 17th- Europe trip

April 26th- Friday
Shakespearean Full-Moon Dance-

Please join us for festivities celebrating Shakespeare's life and writings

We will be having a costume/recitation contest before dinner. Please dress as a character from Shakespeare's plays or his time period and memorize a few lines that would be appropriate for that character. Costuming does not have to be from the Elizabethan Era. Shakespeare plays are performed in many different time periods. For example, a Coriolanus costume could be a military uniform from any era. First prize is a Starbuck's card and first position in the potluck line at all GBT events until the next Shakespeare dance! Second and third place will receive Starbuck's cards of lesser value and second and third position in potluck line at all GBT events until the next Shakespeare dance. We are looking forward to a fun evening celebrating Shakespeare and the Renaissance.

12:00 Lunch
2:30 Singing practice
3:00 Movie-TBA
5:00 Sports - Bocce, Basketball, Croquet, ping-pong, Chess, Etc...
5:30 Costume / Recitation Contest
6:00 Dinner (Potluck)
7:00 Dancing / Singing
9:30 End

Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email you will receive.

Please feel free to dress in Elizabethan costume or as characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Looking forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hinrichs -

May 24th- Friday-
Greek (Mediterranean) Dance
Be ready to cook some Greek food and learn some Greek dances. Please sign up through the Sign Up Genius email you will receive.

2:00 Movie - TBA
4:00 Choir
5:00 Sports- Volley ball, badminton, Chess, Croquet Etc.
6:00 Potluck - Please see signup genius for recipes. $3 per person please.
7:00 Dancing
9:30 End

May 31st- Friday
Ice Cream Social
12:00-1:00 Please stay after class to say goodbye to your classmates around some good ice cream! 
Choir is cancelled

10th to 15th (official portion June 12th - 15th)
Spring fling