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Paper Conferencing

In the past, I have only done paper conferences with GBT V students. However, I found that the exercise was sufficiently beneficial, that it is now an option for students in GBT IV and III as well. If a student has scored good or better on all their papers the previous semester, they are eligible for this program.

In the paper conference program, students hand in their papers two weeks early. Once their paper has been handed in, I go over it with them verbally to develop better unity of structure and profundity of theme. Forcing students to discuss their material verbally often helps them to better understand the issue they are writing on and how the ideas in their papers tie together. The conference lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and must be held at least one week before the paper is due in order to give time for revision.

Students must hand in papers two weeks before the regular due date.

Please note that all students receive an evaluation of their papers, however, the paper conference is an additional opportunity for those who would like the further develop their ability to express their thoughts.

The student must hand in his best work in order to hold a conference. The conference is not an opportunity to "have Mr. H help you write your paper", but an opportunity for the student to take his best effort and then have me aid him in writing a paper better than he could have created working on his own. Students who have not completed the paper or who have not handed in a polished paper will only be given a cursory conference.

Conferences are held using webex so that a recording can be made of the session. This recording allows the student to concentrate on our conversation rather than taking notes. Macintosh users can make a recording using Garage Band on their computers. Students should prepare for their conference by writing a one sentence synopsis of each paragraph in their paper.

Before coming to your first conference, please go to the ETS youtube channel and watch the paper conference introduction video.

For pricing see our registration form.