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Choral, Instrumental Ensembles and Dance- This pages supports the music endeavors of ETS.

Why Classical Education?- This talk lays out the thinking behind classical education and the basics of its methodology.

The Lost Tools of Learning- Dorothy Sayer's article explains the concepts behind classical pedagogy.
Local Resources in Escondido
The Circe Institute- Excellent conferences and classical resources for homeschoolers.
The Well-Trained Mind
Classical Christian Homeschooling Website
ETS Bookstore
Classical Curriculum Guide-
This file gives you a five-year framework for a classical education, complete with suggestions for Math, Science, History and Language.
Resource Page for Greek Students-
Here you will find the basic paradigms that one must master as well as chants and songs to help you memorize them.
The Online Vermeer Art Gallery-
Tired of the usual Web hype? Take some time to be refreshed by some of our favorite paintings.


Music resources

Music Games
Finale Notepad


Online Lectures, Talks, Essays, etc..

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Escondido Tutorial Service
Great Books Tutorial 
Euclid's Elements of Geometry
Classical Greek
History of Science and Math
Music Theory

Alexandria Tutorial Service
Writing the Essay
The History of Christianity
Grammar Essentials
Five Weeks with Plutarch
Great Books

Aletheia Tutorial Service
Summer GBT
Paper Conferences
Great Books Foundations

Bandusia Tutorials 
Expository Writing
Nineteenth-Century British Literature
American Literature
Introduction to Writing and Literature
Reading and Writing the Short Story Cycle
Creative Writing
Great Books paper conferences

Coram Deo Tutorials 
Latin 1,2,3
BIblical Greek 1
English Grammar

Liberty Tutorials
Algebra I, II
Advanced Math

Polymath Classical
Classical Mathematics I,II,III,IV
Introduction to Euclid
Writing Reasonably

Imago Dei Tutorials
Western Art History I & II
Highlights of the Humanities
Academic Debate
Into the Wardrobe
The World of C.S.Lewis

Writing Assessment Services
Writing instruction for Great Books students

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