Palomar College Timberframe workshop
Summer 1998

Watch the raising of a bent on Real Video.
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timber.jpg (9789 bytes)

The beginnings of a fine structure.


yard---300x239.jpg (15775 bytes)

Men at work

guys---300x196.jpg (14075 bytes)

Fritz Hinrichs, Jim Kirby and Rolando
make their attempt at a kingpost.


trim---300x214.jpg (16430 bytes)

Dave Boyd trims the end of a timber
with the timber saw.

mortiser---200x269.jpg (12693 bytes)

Alfonso Acosta cuts a mortise
the fast way- the chain saw mortiser!


tenon---200x207.jpg (11707 bytes)

The shoulder of a tenon receives it final surfacing
from the hand plane of Joseph Gonzales.


fitting---300x215.jpg (17277 bytes)

We preassembled each bent to make sure
that it would come together on raising day.


lastinstructions---300x226.jpg (16554 bytes)

The troops receive their final instructions before raising
day from our experienced instructors- Will Beemer and Dave C.


bentsready---195x300.jpg (13126 bytes)

Bents one and two are ready for
final assembly at the job site.


girt---200x204.jpg (8921 bytes)

Chris Jones gets the first girt into its housing
at the top of the kingpost on bent one.


2bents---300x191.jpg (16007 bytes)

After bruising a few shoulders,
the ridge beam comes into place.


bent2up---300x213.jpg (19072 bytes)

Bracing bent two while it is secured.

purlins---300x171.jpg (9986 bytes)

Rolando and Fritz set Purlins on the rafters.


bent3---300x184.jpg (11607 bytes)

Bent three goes up.

TMBR1---447x335.JPG (96268 bytes)

With bents three and four up and secured,
our structure was complete!

If you would like to see my attempt to improve this structure, please click here.

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