Mr. Hinrichs' Europe trip

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March 29; Rome
April 1; Rome-Florence
April 3; Florence
April 5; Florence, Venice, Corinth, Mycenae
April 8; Epidaurus, Olympia
April 10; Delphi, Meteora
April 13; Thermopylae, Athens
April 15; Marathon, Salamis, Sounion, Athens
April 21; Venice, Lathus
May 5; Lathus, Basel. Rocamdour, Nouaille
May 13;  Lathus, Descartes, La Rochelle,
May 18; London
May 23; London, La Rochelle, Lathus

March 29

trajanscolumn.jpg (29073 bytes)   Trajan`s column

columndetail.JPG (114405 bytes)Detail of Trajan's column.  Trajan's column details the battles in Trajan's campaigns in Dacia.

  trajansforum.JPG (61288 bytes)Forum of Trajan

trajanmarket.JPG (62180 bytes)Trajan's Markets

forumaugustus.JPG (62340 bytes)Forum of Augustus 

caesar's forum.JPG (123876 bytes)Forum of Caesar .  I was not able to find out if this was the location of Caesar's death.

severustriumphalarch.JPG (122049 bytes)Triumphal arch of Severus

paul's prison 3.JPG (62036 bytes)Paul's prison

forum 2.JPG (60012 bytes)Coliseum

forum 1.JPG (62496 bytes)Coliseum (more later)

temple of saturn and dionysus.JPG (58740 bytes)Temples of Saturn and Dionysus

 temple of caster and polux.JPG (60072 bytes)Temple of Caster and Polux

  spanish steps.JPG (64420 bytes)Spanish steps.  This appeared to be the only tourist location of great interest to the American youth types.

restraurant al 34 2.JPG (58648 bytes)Ristorante 34

 restaurant al 34 3.JPG (114921 bytes)Ristorante 34.

March 30

P3310001.JPG (58672 bytes)Double spired stairway to Vatican museum

P3310002.JPG (63864 bytes)Ceiling painting depicting Thomas Aquinas' intellectual victories over Islam, Judaism and paganism.

P3310003.JPG (158675 bytes)Map room showing the extent of the Roman conquests

P3310004.JPG (57716 bytes)Painting by a student of Raphael depicting Constantines vision of the cross.

P3310005.JPG (58992 bytes)This is a portion of a painting showing Aeneas rescue of his father from Troy.  The painting contrasted God's miraculous saving of Rome from a fire with His choice not to similarly save Troy.

P3310006.JPG (59120 bytes)Ceiling of Sistine Chapel.  Notice how the cloud that God is in resembles a brain.  This shows the Aristotelian influence on the painter's mind- when God gave man life the essential characteristic was man's intellect

.P3310007.JPG (59824 bytes)Painting of the engineering behind the raising of the obelisk in the Piazza San Pietro

P3310009.JPG (121288 bytes)Vatican Library

P3310010.JPG (59100 bytes)Laocoon and his two sons struggling with a snake

P3310011.JPG (96218 bytes)The Apollo de Belvedere

P3310012.JPG (89439 bytes)Mr. H and the great Athenian panderer

P3310013.JPG (63196 bytes)Beautiful mosaic- most all the floors in the Vatican are so covered.

P3310014.JPG (88864 bytes)Michaelangelo's greaquiz brilliance in the design of St. Peter's Cathedral was his use of clear windows to make the maximum use of interior light.

P3310016.JPG (59468 bytes)Glorious light

P3310017.JPG (120902 bytes)St. Peter's- Notice the exquisite use of marble.

P3310018.JPG (60764 bytes)Smaller dome

P3310020.JPG (59424 bytes)Central dome over the Papal Altar

P3310021.JPG (113265 bytes)Papal Altar

P3310023.JPG (112986 bytes)Having his defiant Proquizantism somewhat intimidated by the material success displayed in St. Peter's, Mr. Hinrichs was still able to keep his eye upon higher lights.

P3310025.JPG (59268 bytes)Supposed grave of Peter

P3310028.JPG (58484 bytes)Pantheon- Build during the time of the emperor Hadrian

P3310029.JPG (62272 bytes)Detail of Pantheon's Columns

P3310030.JPG (56748 bytes)Detail of Timberframing in roof of Pantheon.   I doubt these timbers are original.

P3310031.JPG (103045 bytes)Interior of Pantheon.  The roof was formed from concrete.


P3310032.JPG (59020 bytes)Interior of Pantheon

P3310033.JPG (128440 bytes)The marble floor was replaced in the 1800s but followed the original Roman pattern

P3310036.JPG (63344 bytes)P3310035.JPG (62492 bytes)P3310034.JPG (62832 bytes) Most of the interior of the Pantheon was replaced to convert it into a church.

P3310040.JPG (103442 bytes)Yes, Mr. Hinrichs was there.

P3310041.JPG (120803 bytes)Exterior of Pantheon.  Notice the relieving arches that were built into the wall to redistribute the weight and thus increase structural stability.

P3310042.JPG (59952 bytes)The location of the early Roman fortress.

P3310043.JPG (58992 bytes)Hippodrome

P3310044.JPG (60596 bytes)P3310045.JPG (58268 bytes)P3310046.JPG (59436 bytes)Interior of Coliseum

P3310047.JPG (138787 bytes)This picture shows the many rooms that were under the floor of the Coliseum to hold the various beasts and potential martyrs.

P3310048.JPG (62056 bytes)Classic Roman arch

P3310052.JPG (129504 bytes)Detail of Coliseum exterior