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Why Classical Education?- This talk lays out the thinking behind classical education and the basics of its methodology.
Local Resources in Escondido
The Circe Institute- Excellent conferences and classical resources for homeschoolers.
The best resource for classical Christian homeschooling is "The Well-Trained Mind" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.
Classical Christian Homeschooling Website
How you can become an online tutor through ETS
ETS Bookstore
We have a growing list of books that will help you develop a classical library. Some texts are even available for online purchase.
Classical Curriculum Guide-
This file gives you a five-year framework for a classical education, complete with suggestions for Math, Science, History and Language.
Classical Wallpaper-
Tired of tacky wallpaper? Try these tasteful alternatives.
Resource Page for Greek Students-
Here you will find the basic paradigms that one must master as well as chants and songs to help you memorize them.
The Online Vermeer Art Gallery-
Tired of the usual Web hype? Take some time to be refreshed by some of our favorite paintings.
Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
Dorothy Sayers fine article on classical education.
Who is this Fritz Hinrichs guy?
Find out about the man behind Escondido Tutorial Service!

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